‘unknown-2020’ అంతర్జాతీయ ఆర్ట్ ఎగ్జిబిషన్

‘unknown-2020’- అసిమెట్రీ ఆర్ట్ గ్రూప్ జబల్పూర్ నిర్వహించిన అంతర్జాతీయ ఆర్ట్ ఎగ్జిబిషన్ మరియు ఆర్ట్ క్యాంప్. ఆదిత్య సింగ్ రాజ్‌పుత్ మరియు రజనీ భోసలే చేత నిర్వహించబడే ఈ ప్రదర్శనలో 17 దేశీయ చిత్రాలున్నాయి, మరియు భారతదేశంలోని సీనియర్ ఆర్టిస్ట్ – బ్రజ్ మోహన్ ఆర్య, అమిత్ దత్, ఉదయ్ గోస్వామి, కిషన్ కప్పరి, దేవిలాల్ పాటిదార్, రాజేష్ పాటిల్, అపర్ణ అనిల్, అనిల్ కుమార్ మొదలైనవారు ఉన్నారు.

‘unknown-2020’- international art exhibition and art camp organised by Asymmetry art group Jabalpur. This show curated by Aditya Singh Rajpoot and Rajani Bhosale, It has 17 countrywork, and also senior artist of India – Braj Mohan Arya, Amit Dutt, Uday Goswami, Kishan Kapari, Devilal Patidar, Rajesh Patil , Aparna Anil, Anil Kumar etc.

Director NOTE- Art and its expressions go beyond words, sounds and media. It touches spiritual senses and sensations. Through creativity one is able to express and touch the soul and calm the mind. Modern times, elevates art to greater heights, especially when they work for a social cause. “Art is not considered practical, but when it is, it is great”. The asymmetry art group is an effort in this direction. We have tried to bring forth the work of those young and talented professionally acclaimed artists, through which society will see a new heights of art and beauty. Another objective of our group is also to honor the celebrities who have dedicated their lives to nurture and nurture Indian art and culture. At the same time, it is also for those young people who are tirelessly trying to make a place in the art field by completing their art education.

I thank all those who have put their untiring time and efforts towards setting up this exhibition. I thank all the participants and the members of the Organizing Committee for their tireless efforts day and night, for their valuable efforts and time for the success of this occasion and to celebrate this grand event. In future, we will do more activities of social causes across India. All the participants, best wishes for this online exhibition. We can all experience the joys of the creative world and will continue to do so.

Aditya Singh Rajput-Director, Rajani Bhosale- Curator

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